How Wired Certification Works for Occupied Buildings.

Just Take a Ten Minute Survey. We'll Do the Rest.

Receiving your Wired Certification is as easy as taking a free ten minute survey, and it's as simple as working with our engineers to validate the answers you provide.


Take the Survey

To kick off the Wired Certification process, take our ten-minute survey . It's free, simple, private, and there are no obligations. You don't have to be a civil engineer to understand the questions we'll ask you.

You won't have to dig through mountains of obscure documents or hire a telecommunications expert to find the answers to our questions.

For example,

we'll ask questions like:

"Select the internet service providers that are currently providing service to the building:"

"Does the building provide access to fiber-based internet connectivity?"

"Does the building have two or more diverse riser locations?"


Receive Preliminary Certification Level

As soon as you've taken the survey, you'll receive instant and private feedback on your building's connectivity based on factors like the quality of your connections, your system, infrastructure, access, and choice. We provide certification levels from "Certified" (for buildings that meet our minimum requirements for Wired Certification) to "Platinum" (for buildings with outstanding connectivity).

If your building doesn't meet our Wired Certification standards, we can provide you with a road map and guidance for improving your building's connectivity.


Get Certified

To convert the preliminary certification into an official one, you'll just need to let us know that you're ready. Once you've decided to become Wired Certified, we'll schedule a two-hour building review with our engineers to validate the data you provided.

For example, if you answered "Yes" to "Does the building provide access to fiber-based internet connectivity?", our engineers will confirm that this is true.

Once we've verified the survey data and reviewed your documentation, your Wired Certification is made official.


Best in class connectivity


Redundant, diverse internet connectivity


Meets needs of most commercial tenants


Meets minimum standards

Benefits of Certification

Officially certified buildings receive the following benefits:

  • External promotion of building's Wired Certification on partner websites & databases including 42 Floors and The Square Foot
  • WiredScore Fact Sheet to share with brokers and tenants
  • Premium search listings and marketing profile on
  • Wired Certification confirmation plaque for building lobby
  • License to use the Wired Certification badge on your website and marketing materials
  • Access to our partner telecom experts for consultation and upgrade recommendations

And even if you don't get officially certified, you can add the connectivity details of your building to our public platform.

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Simple enough, right?

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In a matter of minutes, you'll be on your way to delivering tenants by promoting your connectivity.