How Wired Certification Works for Developments & Redevelopments (D&R).


  • Commercial buildings can be anywhere in the development process - Planning, Engineering, Construction, or Early Occupation stage
    • Schematics and design plans are submitted for review no matter which stage of the process.
    • Buildings undergoing redevelopment must not be fully occupied.

What is unique about D&R?

  • Rating standards vary between Certification types.
    • New developments or redevelopments will not have existing cabling from internet providers.
    • New developments or redevelopments should be future-proofed to support best practices in telecom infrastructure planning.
  • Certification lasts until the building is completed and started with occupancy.

Process for Certifying your Development or Redevelopment.

Complete Survey

Developer fills out confidential Wired Certification for Developments & Redevelopments survey assessment and submits documentation that illustrates the telecommunications plans.

Receive Results

WiredScore reviews materials and provides a report of the findings, areas of improvement, and Wired Certification level achieved

Get certified

With developer approval, WiredScore will showcase the building’s planned connectivity via official Wired Certification.

Benefits of Certification

Officially certified buildings receive the following benefits:

  • External promotion of building's Wired Certification on partner websites
  • WiredScore Fact Sheet to share with brokers and tenants
  • Premium search listings and marketing profile on the WiredScore website
  • License to use the Wired Certification badge on your website and marketing materials
  • Access to our partner telecom experts for consultation and upgrade recommendations
  • In-person consultative building review after Practical Completion to confirm connectivity
  • Ability to promote Certification until the building is complete and has begun occupation

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