About Wired Certification

Wired Certification is a certification program launched by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Economic Development Corporation that identifies and certifies buildings with the fastest and most reliable internet connections.

What Wired Certification Measures

Wired Certification's methodology is highly robust and accurate because it considers a number of factors associated with the best internet connections. Because we ask the right questions during our preliminary survey and followup analysis, Wired Certification can accurately assess the connectivity of buildings.

The factors measured include:

Building Connectivity

The number of internet service providers, the quality and speed of connections, and the access to provider cabling in the building. The choice and quality of service providers is highly correlated with the overall quality of the building's connectivity, because the more high-quality internet options a building has, the more likely tenants can access the internet services that meet their specific needs.


Factors specific to the building's physical internet infrastructure (i.e., number of entry points, designated utility spaces, and risers). The underlying infrastructure of the building impacts access to redundant connectivity and level of protection from outages caused by potential damage to equipment.


How ready a building is to improve its connectivity. The readiness of a building to improve on its connectivity is predictive of its current connectivity options' quality. Readiness is also correlated to a building's future connectivity quality, which is why it's a significant factor in our rating system. If a building has some disappointing scores in other sections but is ready to work effectively with new carriers, its score can improve.

Our Partners

We’re proud to have partnered with leading real estate and tech organizations such as NY Tech Meetup, Building Owners and Managers Association, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and the Urban Land Institute. These organizations endorse Wired Certification because it helps the real estate community stay on the cutting edge of technology, and allows innovative companies to find buildings, neighborhoods, and cities where they can locate and thrive without limitations.

Why Get Certified

It's not easy for brokers and tenants to receive accurate and detailed information about buildings' broadband infrastructures. A Wired Certification shows your customers that you take connectivity seriously so they can avoid service delays, unforeseen costs, and lost business.

Landlords with Wired Certification can compare their buildings' connectivity with similar buildings, find areas of improvement, and market high-quality broadband internet as an amenity to attract tenants — all while increasing their properties' values and positioning their properties as tech-friendly.

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Where you can find Wired Certified buildings

Tenants look for the Wired Certified badge when they are searching for office space so they know they are getting the best internet connectivity possible. WiredScore partners with leading real estate platforms to ensure tenants can identify Wired Certified buildings no matter how and where they are searching for space, including:

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