1201 Cass Street

1201 Cass Street, Omaha, NE, 68102
Rentable Sqft(k):
Available ISPs
Carrier Cable Type Network Type Distribution Level Point of Entry
Century Link Fiber Type 1 - fiber carrier network with owned cables entering building Full Distribution 13th Street
Cox Coaxial Phone or Cable company network Full Distribution 13th Street
Future Technologies Fixed Wireless Rooftop-based wireless connection Direct to tenant space only 13th Street
Century Link Copper Phone or Cable company network Full Distribution 13th Street
Building Infrastructure
Building has multiple points of entry (protected conduit locations) for telecom wiring Yes
Building locates telecommunications equipment in a... Shared closet or room
Is there spare capacity to install new telecommunications equipment in the building? Yes
Building has riser space that goes from the basement to the top floor in a closed, protected environment? Yes
Building risers can easily support service delivery from the addition of any new ISPs within the current infrastructure (without additional build out work)? Yes
Building has two or more diverse riser locations? Yes
Building has signed Point of Entry Agreements (POEs) in place with carriers? Yes - for all carriers
Does building management have a boilerplate agreement in place? Yes
Does building management have the capability to bring in additional new service providers into the building to cover new service requirements demanded by tenants? Yes
Additional Questions
In Common Areas, is free Wi-Fi available as an amenity to tenants? Yes - Provided by building management
Is there a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) or Small Cell equipment in place for cell phone service? No
Are there any data centers in the building? No
Do the building's Points Of Entry enter from different sides of the property? (e.g. North, South, East, West) Yes
Is telecommunications equipment in the building located above grade (to prevent possible damages from flooding)? Yes
Is there a building provided back-up generator onsite to provide tenants and telco providers with reliable back-up power? Yes
Is there a building provided Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) onsite to provide tenants protection from brief power outages? No
Does the building have a first responder system in place? No
Is the building LEED Certified? If so, at what level? Not LEED Certified, but the building will be WELL Certified.
Is the building Energy Star certified? No